The company “Master-Trade” held a tasting of sauces STM “Bocado”

From 9 to 19 June the company “Master-Trade” held a tasting of sauces own brand of “Bocado” in three supermarkets of Donetsk: “Auchan” (LLC”Sigma land”), “Parus” (“don Retail”), “Caravan” (“the Old trade”).

The shopping spot was aired, inviting visitors for a tasting. Experienced promoters have invited buyers and talked in detail about each sauce.

The tasting was a full line of sauces “Bocado” Mexican sauce “chili”, a Japanese teriyaki sauce and Asian sauce “Sweet chili”.

Sauces “Bocado” is one of my favorite Asian dishes and prepared according to original recipe.

Visitors appreciated the “Spicy Chile”, “Teriyaki” and “Sweet chili” on organoleptic properties: appearance, taste, smell, color, consistency and other parameters.

For the entire period of tasting about 4 thousand people were able to appreciate the taste palette of sauces “Bocado”.

Each member of the tasting found the sauce to taste. So men like “hot chili”, most women “Teriyaki”, and young people – “Sweet Chile”.

The main objectives of the activity: a report of consumers with high taste qualities of the sauces by tasting, strengthening brand recognition and increased customer demand has been achieved..

“The degustation is an important area of promotional activities of the company “Master-trade”. Wine tasting is a tool that allows potential buyers to try products “Bocado”., but skilled promoters create a positive image of own brand of “Bocado”, commented the Manager on advertising and Btl Anna GUZ.

Sauces – this is not the only product STM “Bocado”, which represents the company.

“TM “Bocado” brand “Master-Torg”, presented in several food products. Full range of products is more affordable than its counterparts. The quality of the products brand of “Bocado” is controlled by the specialists of LLC “Master Bargaining” at every stage of production. One of the priorities of the company remains the development of STM. It is planned to expand the list of products manufactured under the brand of “Bocado”. Experts are already preparing to release products STM different product areas: alcoholic-Vodna, grocery, tea,” said Director of marketing Department of LLC “Master-Torg” Evgeniy Prokopenko-Demeshev.