Meeting beautiful guests “Master-Trade” TM and “Rachel” in “barberry”

1 July 2016 in one of the cosy restaurants of Donetsk in the “Barberry” met a beautiful hotel. Partners of this event was the company “Master-Trade” and TM “Rachelle”.

It became a tradition to treat guests of the restaurant champagne “Rachelle”.

“When tasting champagne smell and taste should work in tandem. In order to fully enjoy the taste of the drink, you need taste buds to experience. The better the wine the longer the finish. This can be said about “Rachelle” – shared visitors the impression of champagne TM “Rachelle”.

The celebration was attended by special guest – Deputy Director, sales and marketing LLC “Rostov factory of sparkling wines” Linnik Alexander.

Throughout the evening a charming girl in dresses in the style of “Rachelle” presented the whole range of the brand, talking about the production and culture of consumption of the drink.

A vivid and emotional show program gave the visitors a good mood. The meeting came vocalist Konstantin Pasichny, DJ Pearl, MS Denis and popular band “Two and a half godfather”.