Guests of the restaurant “KingTown” met “TM Volodinka”

July 1, a restaurant serving European and Caucasian cuisine “KingTown” invited guests for a birthday celebration. The company “Master-Trade” and TM “Volodinka” were partners in this event and together with the “Star” celebrated the seventh anniversary of the institution.
The guests were met by an unusual lady-drink or “live” table. To finger the skirt of the “live” table guests were offered glasses filled with vodka “Volodinka” champagne glasses “Rachelle” and snacks. Buffet made a splash among the guests. They appreciated not only the supply of drinks, but also their taste. Girls consultants in an unobtrusive way told about the brand “Volodinka” and about the company-manufacturer.

“Such a beautiful bottle of frosted glass, decorated with the image of the eagle and whimsical floral patterns created by screen printing,” the ladies said the original design “Volodinka”.

“Well-chilled vodka “Volodinka” with hearty snacks makes a pleasant tasting,” the men gave a soft taste.

Festive holiday atmosphere was complemented by the programme, Central to which was the show doubles.